The final post on 2009 photo challenge…

Can you believe that 2009 is done (like 2 days ago now)?

I first started the 2009 photo challenge here.

If you fast forward to much later in the year do you remember when I mentioned how many photo challenge days I had missed?

The very first day I missed on my challenge was this one.

And then I didn’t miss any for a long time. Actually not until May. It was this one.

A couple of more in between that and October. I missed 3 in October!! I don’t know how that happened either. Oh wait…I was probably busy doing…everything I always do. It’s all about making time remember?

So how many did I really miss? Aren’t you curious at all?

You’re not? Than obviously you don’t have the same OCD issues that I do. I had to know. I just had to know. So I researched and clicked and looked and stayed up way too late trying to figure it out. And did I succeed?

Well of course I did. What kind of nut would I be if I hadn’t figured it out? {ahem}

Okay…I won’t bother you with the details. It is my blog after all. If you don’t want to know… If you don’t have to know…I won’t bother you with the for real…absolute…correct…answer. I will leave you guessing while I know the answer.

Would I do that?

A great secret keeper I am…most of the time. But sometimes…I just can’t seem to contain myself. And so…because I will not be able to let it off of my shoulders until I confess, I will tell you…IMG_1620

I missed 11.

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  1. 11 out of 365 is not bad! You scored 97%. Rock on!