Second to last blog post on the photo challenge from 2009…

12.28.2009---Nope. Sage wasn’t sleeping…she was throwing a fit the proper way a diva should.
12.29.2009---the house that my niece built…and that we {me and the kids} destroyed…
IMG_5350 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
12.30.2009---Yes---I do exist on the other side of the camera…See?
IMG_5363 I was opening Sage’s gifts at my father-in-law’s house. See the red cradle on the floor? He made that for her Itty-Bitty baby. The big girls got a chair and table for their American Girl dolls {that he also handcrafted!}.
12.31.2009---No—you aren’t seeing double. There really is two of them.
IMG_5418 My niece’s got puppies for Christmas. Tiger Lily is one of them and Tinkerbell is the other. I helped my nieces name them :) And like their names the dogs have matched them perfectly. Tiger Lily is calm and sweet. Tinkerbell is an ornery little sucker that causes mischief.
And now…a funny Stormy story about this evening…
Let me start by telling you that my kids are afraid of animals. Seriously afraid. Shayne became afraid of dogs when my big sister’s crazy dog jumped all over her when we were visiting her a long time ago. Sage is afraid because my neighbor’s little dog barked right by her when she was 11-months-old. Connor is scared because…who knows with him. Stormy is afraid…because I have no idea. Regardless…my kids are afraid of animals.
My twin was telling all of us about the puppies…that they like to chew on everything. House-training sucks {no duh!} and the toys that each puppy likes. She then mentioned they also like to get toes. Most puppies do right? Stormy was only half listening until this point. I watched her get up off of the couch and run over to the door to put her boots on. She is trying to hurry so the puppies won’t get her. As she is getting the boots on…Tinkerbell runs over to her. Stormy starts squawking and gets up as quickly as she can. That little girl can fly when she thinks it is necessary. She flew back to the couch. What happens when you run around puppies? Yep-Tinkerbell though Stormy wanted to play. So she is nipping and trying to get her to play. Stormy did not want to play. She wanted to keep her toes safe from the dogs.
And with much relief and disbelief my self-imposed daily photo challenge is now complete with the ending of 2009.


  1. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! Can't wait until I ask you to babysit the puppies! :)