It's official...I am OCD...controlling...a little {a lot} crazy

I knew it was going to make me crazy...I was right.
I did go back through my blog and check to see how many dates I missed from my photo challenge (so far--the year isn't over yet).
There were a few dates in question. So just in case...here they are...

This is from 11.27.2009
This is from....11.19.2009 remember?
12.3.2009 is the Santa episode...remember?
To tell you how weird I was about it...I checked back on my pictures to make sure...I didn't put the date on every blog post. Why I didn't I don't know. Oh well.
Did you figure out how many days I missed (so far) out of my self-imposed photo challenge?
A hint: I missed the most in the month of October.
The winner will get...
Hmmm...what's a good prize to give away?