One more retirement party…

My SIL (Jen) threw a retirement party together for our MIL (Penny). It was super nice. Here are a few pictures from that party.

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There were three cakes.(I only took a pic of these two. The third was angel food cake.)

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A few of the guests. Old friends and neighbors. These are the ones that I have talked about before.

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These two cousins, six weeks apart. And Logan doesn’t panic too much anymore when Sage gets close. It was super sweet when he tried giving her a hug and kiss before we left.

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Stormy’s new “do.” Yeah…she’s still pretty with short hair.


My BIL, Eric. My SIL, Carrie. My MIL, Penny and last but not least, Paul. This turned out to be a wonderful photo. I may have to enlarge it for Penny!

My FIL, Ron, used my camera to snap a big family pic of all of us. Are you ready for this?

Paul is standing next to our nephew, Donnie. Who turns 16 is two months. And is a foot or more taller than me. Can you see me next to him?

Megan is in the blue shirt in the front. Shayne is hiding behind Stormy. Connor is…Connor. Nanny is holding Sage. Then there’s Nick.  Coy and Karry are next to him (that is my SIL, Carrie’s boyfriend’s kids). Carrie is beside Nick. Her boyfriend, Jason is beside her (duh right?) Jen (the party planner for this event and my SIL) is beside/behind Jason. Eric is holding Logan.

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Shew. That’s all folks!

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