Not so scared…

Sage is getting brave, as evidenced in these pictures.

At first we left her in her clothes because every other time we have been to the pool, she won’t go near the water.

This was not the case on this pool trip. At first, she put her feet in the little pool and smiled and laughed.

029 041 043

Okay—let’s put a swim diaper on her. She went right to Paul and was super happy.


Next—she went back to the little pool and almost got in. ALMOST.

047 050

Then she climbed on the railing—after being told “NO!,” she decided to cover it up by bringing me…

056 058

Connor’s float toy.


Soooo smart. Soooo pretty. Sooo becoming un-afraid of the water.

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  1. She's going to be hell on wheels so it's a good thing she is so cute!