That’s IT!!!!!! No more scissors.

With a title like that it is pretty obvious to most what happened. One of my darlings cut their hair.

I told her how sad Daddy was going to be after many denials of her doing the cutting. Her response?

“Is Daddy going to be home soon?”

“In awhile. Why?”

“Will my hair have time to grow before he gets home?”

Totally busted.


WHY? WHY right in the front? There is no hiding it. So off it went. Her hair is now as short as the hunk she cut…all the way around.

It is just hair. It will grow back. But…I love long hair on her! It just fits her. Short hair…does not. The fact that she is the child that continues to do it…fits her personality. But still. Really?

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  1. It could have been worse and, like you said, it will grow back. She's still beautiful...that's our Stormy!