A trip to the mall…

Last year (the same as the years before) I wanted a picture of the kids with the Easter Bunny at the mall. Remember? This year was no different. Except...

Sage is scared of all that “stuff.” Shayne…knows about the Easter Bunny. Stormy and Connor are…well…Stormy and Connor. And did I let  any of that hinder my want of the photo?

Not a chance.

002 005

Did you know you can only use your camera if you buy one of their packages? And they want $14.99 for ONE 4x6. or…19.99 for 2 sheets of whatever you want. Shayne and Stormy both informed me they would like wallets to put in their purses. Umm…okay then. Anyways…things have certainly changed since when I worked the Easter Bunny picture thing at the mall…

Betcha didn’t know that about me did ya? And nope…I didn’t wear the lovely costume… I took the pictures and ran the register and whatnots.

So until next year…when there will be 5 children in the picture…


  1. don't ever give up...someday the pictures will turn out perfect!

  2. I think these pictures are quite perfect right now...perfectly fitting for what they are now.