In Kindergarten they learn about the rainforest. The kids have to do a little report on a certain (chosen by the teacher) part of the rainforest. When Shayne was in Kindergarten it was butterflies. And Stormy just had her report on Friday. What did she get?



It is kind of cool that they both got to do the same. They don’t have the same teacher so it was just a coincidence that Stormy got butterflies.

But it still made me happy.

Part of it invovles having your face painted to match the subject you get to do your part on…Here is Stormy…

IMG_5877 And when Shayne did it back in April 2008.


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  1. isn't it ironic that Shayne got to be a blue (calm) butterfly and our Stormy got to be a red (devil color) one!! Still, they are just so darn cute!!!