Why do I persist?!?!?

So yesterday I tweeted about something that frustrates me to no end. What was it?






I tried getting a good spring picture of the four kids. Why is it, when we try this all of a sudden they don’t know how to stand in one place? Why do they act like their legs are broken? And don’t even get me started on the smile. Which in all fairness if I had someone yelling “SMILE NOW” at me, I don’t think I could either. Sigh.

I ended up only taking 20 pictures. All of them stunk. BIG TIME. When Sage’s face heals…and when I have someone else there to help me, I am going to try again. Because I really do want a good picture of all four of them. They are beautiful and all. And it would make my bare mantle in the living room look so much better…

The only picture I came away with not hating was this one…

peterson spring pictures 023 copy

My four little stinkers.

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