12.9.2009---Child of the World

That was the title for Shayne’s 2nd grade music program. It’s hard to believe that this time last year she was doing Sounds a Little Fishy to Me. Here she is before the program.

IMG_4931She even wanted to wear earrings! Paul had to miss the big night for Shayne because of work. BUT Shayne did have a few people in the audience for her. Her Grandpa Ron and Linda. Her Nanny. Her Aunt Carrie and cousin Nick. And of course…Stormy, Connor and Sage. And her number one fan…me.

How did the kids do there? {Not the 2nd graders…my kids}


They sat and played…pretty quietly. Grand-dad went and sat with them for a little bit too…just in case. I was busy videoing the event with the crappy small camera.

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  1. I'm finding it difficult to believe she is in the 2nd grade! Still as beautiful as ever and Stormy looks bored and Connor looks like he's not too far behind her!