What is that exactly? 12.8.2009


It’s the tree in the front yard that Paul trimmed with lights! We {he} actually got some use out of the lights that should have gone on the house. What the heck am I talking about?

The lights that I HAD TO HAVE last year were the snowflake twinkle lights at Home Depot. $160 total in lights last year. Paul hated putting them up. Something about the twisted glob of lights that he had to untangle is what I believe he said {in the clean, kid-friendly way}. Also-he had to get back out on the roof a few times to make them dangle since the wind blew them onto the roof.

Anyways. We pull them out this year.Paul is just throwing the biggest hissy about these lights. I couldn’t figure out what his problem was. Until I tried to untwist, undo, and untangle the mess they were. Oh-and fabulous a few sections were out. The only fix for that is to test the 8 or 9 lights per each dangle. I don’t think so Boss. No friggin way am I gonna do that. Which is why we have our tree decorated with strand that mostly worked. And we gave the rest to my sister for her to put on a bush or something where if you glob them enough…no one can tell that most of the strand doesn’t work.

And as for Paul… “We are never buying dangle lights again. We will go to the old school C9’s.”

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  1. The trick for untangling the lights is to put them on a reel when you're done with them. Alan has gotten up on our roof a few times already to get the lights down off the roof and he hates it too!!