12.10.2009---A Field trip to Funderscope…I mean Wonderscope.

Where we live it is almost assumed that in Kindergarten you take a field trip to Wonderscope. It is an interactive children’s museum. This is no different for our Stormy. She was soooooooo excited!

Paul and I actually both got to go. It was the first time that we both have attended a field trip for one of our kids. And we only had Sage to deal with there also. Very nice. Our group had 3 in it. 3 little girls. That had a ton of energy!

The first room has tons of Lego creations and this wind machine thing. There was the “Store Room.” All kids love to be the “checker-outer” is what Stormy informed me of that day. Herself included of course:


There is an arts and crafts room. It has face painting in it. Stormy wanted to have her face made like “an Indian.” So Paul did that. He also included Sage in that fun. She looks more like…a football player with the wrong color face grease. I don’t think they use green in football, do they?

IMG_4962 IMG_4967 

And the nature room. I didn’t go in there. They have critters. I know they are in tanks. I know the kids cannot touch them. I don’t care.


There is the ball room. There are so many cool things in the room a kid can do with golf balls. Hitting them with clubs is not one. In case you were worried.Sage was super excited over the bright colors.


While Paul was with the girl group in the disgusting nature room, I found the toddler room. No one under the age of 2 is allowed to play. SUH-WEET is all I can say. Sage was loving it!!!


There is play mats, mirrors, sloping things to crawl on…so many things! We only spent a few minutes in there. Just enough for Sage to get out of the stroller and stretch her legs.

It was a great field-trip. Stormy really truly thought the name of the place was Funder-Wonderscope. Nope. Just Wonderscope.

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