What breakfast usually looks like at our house…

My darlings are not the super duper chipper kids in the morning. They each have their own groove they follow.


Our normal morning routine happens like this:

I hit snooze until I HAVE to get up. I stumble around find my contact drops and squirt a few drops in my eyes so I can see. Then I throw on some comfy pants and walk down the hall to the big girls’ room. I open their door and start talking to them softly (unless I running late in which case I talk fast and loud). I always start out with, “Good morning girls. It’s time to get up and get dressed. Stormy say good morning Mommy.” She mumbles back, “G’morning Mommy.” Shayne…prefers to not talk immediately. “Shayne do you want this shirt or this one?” She points. I set it down on the bed for her and tell both girls to hustle up.

Next I head into Sage’s room. She opens her eyes and stretches in her crib. “Good morning pretty baby!” She smiles and stands up. I pick her up and set her down. She walks into the girls’ room and says, “morning girls.” The she goes downstairs.

I pick the baby up out of his bassinet and he scrunches up like new babies do {which I love that scrunching!}. I head downstairs. I set the baby in his boppy and then head to the kitchen. I get a few things ready.

No—I didn’t forget Connor. I just usually let him wake up on his own. He comes downstairs when he hears everyone else. It is much easier this way. Trust me.

See these:


Those are staples in our house. The nesquik is for me. I have to have a morning cup of chocolate milk. Two of my kids are milk-a-holics. Two of my kids prefer juice. Well, I guess Cooper could be considered a milk-a-holic too.

The kids pick something out of the breakfast basket. It usually has muffins, pop-tarts, or donut sticks. Sometimes I make real breakfast food for the kids but they usually just want something they eat really quickly.



After they eat, it’s time to brush teeth and fix hair for school.

On days the kids don’t have school, everyone sleeps in. We all start moving around 8:45—9ish. It’s wonderful when that happens! Most of the routine stays the same except for getting dressed and fixing hair.

Now you know…what happens in our house in the mornings.

In case you were wondering.

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