A future songwriter…or not.

Did I ever mention that I make up my own lyrics to songs?

I have since I was younger.

But back then, they were never very nice.

For example,

“Hey fat boy. Walking down the street.

Hey fat boy the kind you wanna meet.”

That song was dedicated to my brother. I have more lyrics but I don’t want to reveal how mean I was. I got grounded more than once for singing that song to him. And then humming it. Even though I swore that the humming I was doing was the real song. Which my Mom didn’t buy that story. {I could’ve been, ahem, grinning while humming it so everyone knew what I was thinking} The real song of course was “Pretty Woman.”

To teach Shayne her name I used the Mickey Mouse beat with her spelling: S-H-A-Y-N-E E-M-I-L-Y.

The song I made up for Stormy was sung to Scooby Doo. “Stormy Stormy Sue with eyes so blue, we got some work to do now.” There was more to it but I will save that for a rainy day.

I still sing Sage’s song to her.

“Where oh Where is my Sage Ryanne.

Where oh where can she be?

With her curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes

Where oh where can she be?”

Last evening I came up with another one. I know you must be dying to hear it. Or read it. Be thankful you don’t have to hear it. I will never make money singing for others.

“You know Connor and Stormy and Shayne.

And Debbie and Paul and Sage.

But do you recall?

The baby that was born this fall?

Cooper Paul

Had a head full of dark brown hair

And if you ever saw it

you would say OMG HOW SOFT!

All of the people around us

can’t believe that we have 5

{sakes alive}

And if you ever see us

just go ahead and shout HI!”

Do you think someone famous will want me to write them some lyrics?

{cricket sounds}

Ummm….well okay then.

That sure is a relief.

Excuse me while I go hum a tune or two.

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