Time for switching photos around.

I have a digital frame that my father-in-law and his wife got me a couple of years ago. Yesterday, I decided to change the photos around on the memory card for it. I needed some of Cooper added to it (of course!). I love looking back at pictures. Seriously. I could do that all.the.time. But it was time to change them around.

But I thought I would share some of the ones that I am taking off of the memory card.

These pool ones were taken at at my niece’s birthday party at this really cool pool. Sage was only a few weeks old.


This first picture below is of my brother-in-law looking at his son Logan the night he was born. 

The Christmas picture is Christmas eve 2008. Crazy that was 2 years ago.


Sage was sitting in her bumbo. Look at how chubby those cheeks are! The one of the girls sitting by the pool makes me smile. I didn’t realize it until after but Shayne is pinching Stormy’s knee. Stormy also needed a push off of the diving board during swim lessons. And the back-pack one…her first day of preschool in 2007. The back-pack was almost as big as her. And she snuck her Lambie in it.


Sage…we were getting ready to leave the hospital. Shayne…go Wildcats! And the Santa one…looks so empty with only 3 of my babies in that photo. That was December of 2007.


Connor—the first time we went potty on the potty chair! And the gloves—he looked like a chicken when he put them on his feet. It was so funny! And the last one, he was talking and making faces at Sage. Being the good big brother he still is.


It is amazing to me how much has changed in such a short amount of time. And it is really funny to me when I see pictures of the kids together in groups the first thing I think is…that picture wasn’t done yet. So and so is missing from it. The pictures look empty unless all my babies are in them. Isn’t that weird?

But it’s true!

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  1. It is amazing just looking at the pics of how much they have changed in a couple of years