One of my best friend’s traditions…

involves me dealing with:



Can you tell what it is?


Yep. A cookie exchange. This batch of cookies was peppermint sugar cookies. Super easy right?

I have a cut on my pinky from the slivers of candy cane. Oh—and these cookies?

Didn’t make it to the exchange. They didn’t {ahem} cook right. They were flattened little pieces of cardboard. Only I could mess up sugar cookies.

What else I did make turned out okay. I think. I don’t really taste test anything that I bake. I made Peppermint Tartlets. I found the recipe online. I also made Reese Pieces cookies because that was the tub of cookie dough I had left from the kids’ school fundraiser {the same one I had to pick up the items when I was in labor with Cooper}.

My best friend has been doing these cookie exchanges every year for awhile. This was the 11th year!

It is something I look forward to each December. I try new recipes each year. Each year I have one batch of cookies that only makes it as far as the trash. I know my friends appreciate me not tormenting them with nasty cookies.

Until next year Katie!

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  1. Sorry they didn't turn out like you planned...the dough looks good!