Cranky Be-Gone.


Trying not to sweat the small stuff.

Is it a big deal that while I was working on editing photos (like…you know…trying to work) the dishwasher needed to be emptied and my lovely husband decided to play his COD? And Cooper was fussing? And the kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes? And the laundry needed to be put away? Is it a big deal that all that laundry is still in the laundry baskets? Is it a big deal that Paul said he would go to the store for me so I wouldn’t have to take all the kids out in the cold today but he didn’t? Or that he would ask his sister to sit with some of the kids tonight because I have a cookie exchange to go to and he didn’t? {I did. He doesn’t know that though}

Maybe because Paul’s been working so much he forgot.

What can I be appreciative of? {I always try to find positives when I feel the cranky coming out in me}

He put the big kids to bed last night. He took the trash out. And the recycling. He gave me a kiss ‘bye before he went to work. He called me this morning to tell me good morning.


Sometimes just getting it all out there, makes all the difference. I will now go deal with the laundry, the two-year-old, the seven-week-old, the five-year-old, get the shopping list together, drop a couple of overdue books at the library, mail the Christmas cards, and…all the other stuff that I get to do.

As a sidenote…

Why do I do these posts?

Because I am trying to document how things really are in my life. In my life, I have arguments with my hubby, I yell at the kids, I cry, I eat chocolate like it’s going out of style, I wear yoga pants all.the.time because I still haven’t lost the baby weight from the first kid I had….almost 9 years ago….etc.

AND I want everyone to know that it’s okay to have things like that. Moments where you just want to scream your little heart out because you are frustrated. BUT after you get done screaming (usually crying in my case) put on your big kid pants and deal.

So I’m off. To deal with what needs to be dealt with. Big girl pants on. Thankful for the fact that I can do it.

Not sweating the small stuff and being appreciative of what I do have.


{This photo doesn’t have Paul in it because he was working. But I am appreciative of him.}

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  1. Love this picture! I'm so glad you blog...it makes my day always!