What happened…the sequence of events… PART I

So as mentioned…here is what actually happened…

I hadn’t painted my toenails yet as of 2:43PM CST of Wednesday. I was having a few contractions throughout the day. They were painful but there wasn’t much I could do about that. I had to go pick up the kids from school. My neighbor came over and asked if I could pick up his kid’s fundraising stuff since today was the pick up for that. CRAP! I had forgotten about that.

So I head up to the school. I have teachers, parents, and everyone asking when I am going to have that baby. Tomorrow morning is the plan was my response. I was also stopping a lot because of the contractions. Julie (Lexi’s mom…Shayne’s best friend!) was up at the school to pick up some fundraising stuff too. She could tell I was hurting. She carried Sage. Another teacher…Mr. Williams, got a big, flat-bed cart and loaded it up with my 3 kids stuff and the neighbor’s stuff. His wife asked if I was in labor. I didn’t want to say yes. I said, “I hope not. Paul’s not in town. I can’t get a hold of him and besides…he’s supposed to wait until tomorrow.” I don’t think anyone believes me at that point. I head home. Julie follows and unloads all of the fundraising stuff. It’s cookie dough so it’s not like we could just leave it in the car. So I just try to sit and relax.

Yeah right. I head upstairs. I have the kids help me put their laundry away…which really means that they had to do it because I was still contracting. So then I decide to take a bath to try and relax. Shayne wants to help so she runs the bath water. I am still hoping that my contractions will stop. I really was hoping they were getting closer because I had just overdone it. As soon as Sage figures out where I am she takes off her clothes and climbs in with me. Fine. Whatever. I really, REALLY want the contractions to stop. Did I really give birth naturally with Shayne? Because holy crap. These contractions are killing me. Sage is messing with my belly button. FINALLY, I hear Paul come in. I yell for him to come get Sage. He tells her to come here. I yell that she’s in the tub with me. So he comes upstairs. I tell him how much I am hurting. The contractions…etc. He asks how far apart they are. I have no idea. They have been getting closer but that I have been working my butt off. He times them. They are 5 minutes apart. Hmmm….okay then. I want to shower so I can shave my legs. Then I will rest for a bit and see if that helps.

I get dressed and do my make-up. I am stopping every 5 minutes because of the PAIN!!!!!!! I holler for Paul again. He was downstairs fixing the kids’ supper. I tell him I am calling the Dr. and he needs to shower. Want to know what I was doing when he came upstairs?

I was painting my toenails.

It wasn’t easy. It hurt like Hades.

But I got it done.

The Dr. calls me back and I talk to her and tell her what’s going on. She tells me that she will tell the hospital we are heading in. Paul is still in the shower. I load the car up. I am still stopping every few minutes because of the contractions. My SIL’s boyfriend shows up because …we need someone to sit at the house with the kids and Carrie will be there soon but not before we need to leave. We leave the house.

Paul is doing 90mph on the highway. Why? “I don’t want to deliver this baby!!!!”

We get to the hospital at 7PM.

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