Do you know what today is?

Here’s a hint:


And the answer is:

IMG_1894 copy

Cooper is 2 months old today.

IMG_1910 copy

Umm…crazy Mommy blogging say what?!?

IMG_1897 c

No—he really is. I checked the calendar twice. Or three times because Christmas is only 5 days away too.

It was a great morning and then…

{Pause for dramatic effect}

I had to take him to the Dr. for his two-month-old check-up and shots.

Poor little dude.

We got there right on time which is great because I have to go get the other kids in an hour and a half.

So at 2PM sharp we are there. At 2:10PM, we get back to our room. Get the measurements and all that stuff. Then we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

So I am waiting in the little room with my 2-month-old {that I nursed quickly because I was positive the Dr. would come in and I am unsure of the no food/drink rule as it applies to babies} and my 2-year-old-that-only-got-a-30-minute-nap-because-I-wanted-to-get-to-the-appointment-on-time-daughter.

Wanna know what she looked like?


She did great for the thirty minutes of waiting.

It was the fifteen minutes past the thirty minutes that put her over the edge. And me.

So the Dr. finally comes in at 2:45PM. Cooper looks great. Talks to me about some vitamins they are suggesting for infants now. I tell him that I am not really that worried about it. He agrees. I really, really like our pediatrician. The waiting…not so much.

The nurse comes in after I go out there and ask if she is the one giving Coop the shots. She is {I really like this nurse too}. I tell her I need to leave about 60 seconds ago. Why? Because it is now 3:10PM. I have to pick the kids up from school at 3:25PM and we live 20 minutes away. You see the problem right? That is why I had set this appointment up for 2PM.

Cooper gets the oral vaccine and then 3 {yes 3} shots. Two in one leg and one in the other. I didn’t even put his pants back on him. I didn’t get to comfort him as much as I wanted because we had to leave.

Let me also put in that my gas light came on when I was driving to the appointment. I was going to go fill up after the appointment because I should have had plenty of time.


I really, really, REALLY hope I can make it back to our city to pick up the kids.

So did I?

I pulled into the school parking lot at 3:32PM. And two more cars pulled in behind me in the line. I was in line behind a few other cars. So I wasn’t late.

Thank you God—for letting me make it to the school without running out of gas. That was my first stop after picking up the kids.

Oh—Cooper’s measurements?

My darling boy is 23 3/8 inches long {55%} and is a whopping 11 pounds now {45%}. His head is 39.5cm {also 50%}.

I think I am going to schedule the next appointment for 1PM. I do not want to have a repeat of today again!

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  1. Poor little guy! Can't believe he's 2 months old and so glad you made it to school on time!!