As mentioned…

I said I was going to share more pics from the outside shoot because of how wonderful they were.

And they are.



I am going to have that picture made into a canvas I think. I love the sunspots. I love that it is mostly a silhouette photo. I love that Connor is holding Sage’s hand. I just love everything about it.


This one of Cooper. If I had his head propped up instead of his butt it would’ve been perfect. BUT this was just a quick shot. He didn’t like the laying down in the plant AT ALL.

332 copy

This one. Oh my goodness. My twin was holding my camera while I was nursing the baby and told the girls to do that. I tweaked it {of course} to match the theme I had going. I love it. I might make this into a poster and put it in their rooms. Because well…don’t we all feel like sticking our tongues out sometimes?

And the last one I am going to share, I wasn’t sure if I was going to share it. There are some shots that I keep reserved for me. Because sometimes, I am selfish. A lot of times I think. But I do want to share this one. It is so special to me.

185 hhj

No you can’t see their faces. That’s why I love it. I know what they were doing because A) I know them. They are all a part of my heart. I know each one of their personalities. B) I took the picture.

So what were they doing?

I will be back with that information later.


  1. These are fantastic! Don't ever stop sharing and you are not selfish....you're one of the most sharing people I know!! Love ya!!

  2. These pics are awesome and you do a really good job on them.