A few photos that didn’t make the Christmas card…

I’m sure you all remember this atrocious photo:


That was Paul’s hand by the way. I was holding the camera {like normal}. It is pretty obvious why that photo didn’t make the Christmas card.

Another one that didn’t make it.


I love that Connor is holding Cooper and even smiling. It’s actually a great picture except for the two-year-old darling still wasn’t in the mood to smile.

And another one that didn’t make it:


It’s great of Shayne and Sage. Connor is so-so in it. Stormy is looking. But Cooper was all squished.

One that almost made it:

088 copy 456

I absolutely love photos that are mostly B/W with some color pulled through. I really, really like this photo. It was so close to being chosen for our Christmas card.

But I went another direction with the cards. A more natural way, you could say.

But I can’t show that photo…yet. I still haven’t mailed my cards out. I am going to tomorrow though. Or Tuesday.

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  1. These still make me smile even if they didn't get chosen for the card.