The Un-Christmas card

In all of my infinite creativity {yeah right} I almost did an un-Christmas card this year. Of course I was going to have the official Christmas card on the other side of it but I changed my mind.

So what in the world is an un-Christmas card?

It is sort of what I have been showing on my blog lately. All the photos that didn’t quite make the cut for the official card.

I just thought it would be cute to have an un-Christmas card on one side and the actual Christmas card on the other. I know, I’m a comedic genius {again…yeah right}.

So what photo would have been on that side?

This one:

387 copy

Shayne is of course the picture of perfection. I mean…the photographer’s dream child. She knows how to strike a pose.

Stormy is doing pretty good. Normally she has a goofy fake smile. But she is a poser. She likes to have her picture taken but I dread the fake smile I usually get from her.

Connor looks like he’s in pain. He is such a stinker to take pictures of. I can never get him to look at the right spot at the right time.

Cooper looks…adorable but see how he is covering his face? I think he was as exhausted as I as at this point. Oh-and he was only a month old. EXACTLY to the day. {I know you were wondering right?}

And last but not least. My darling diva Sage. When she is on it for pictures, she is on it. And when she is not? FUHGETABOUTIT. The diva is a two-year-old nightmare when she doesn’t want something. At this point, she didn’t want anymore photos.

I should have done this prime spot at the beginning of the shoot. Not the end. But it was on our way out of the park.

I have a few more pics I am going to share from this shoot. Let me tell you…you will melt with a couple of them. Well…maybe not, but they are cute. Stay tuned!


  1. oh I LOVE this! very, very cute!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. this is still a cute picture! Some day our "diva" will be so embarassed!!