Sharing shoot…

Just to show you a sneak peek at what I have been doing lately (aside from the two –three loads of laundry daily, the dishwasher at least once a day, the stack of books that have been read, the belly that my 3 week old seems to be developing, the diapers from that same 3 week old, the two-year-old chaos, the…etc)…

Parks 8

Parks 11

Parks 15

Parks 22

Do you have a favorite up there?

You can’t ask me. I love them all. I will have to tell you sometime about the person I did these for. And how we met and then re-met 20 years later. True story. Not tonight though. I am story-timed out. Reading a couple of books to each kid means…I am done with stories for the night. It is now my time to just…veg. I will work on the rest of the last photo-shoot I have to edit tomorrow. I am going to get a big ol’ cup of water and head up to my big ol’ bed for a lil’ bit o’ sleep. After I change the very full sounding diaper my sweet baby just created.