See what I caught?


I caught him smiling. Well, grinning just a little in this picture.

I know you are wondering if I pose him with all of my photog. stuff every time I post pictures of him.


I don’t. I was trying to capture him yawning. Remember I told you about the wall in my bedroom that has pictures of each baby yawning? Yep. I have a spot reserved for Cooper’s picture. Did I succeed in finally capturing the one that I want/need for that wall?

Oh yeah I did.

But that picture above is the one I wanted to show you today.

I have been busy with fall family shoots lately. And if you follow me on twitter, you noticed that I did a shoot with 7th grade cheerleaders. So I will get back to editing those. I will be back to posting more on this blog (hopefully) later today. I have a few images I want to share. Betcha can’t wait right?

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