Been through a lot…


I am not referring to the little boy in the photo.

So what in the heck am I referring to?


The swing.

That is the gift that my mother-in-law got for us when we had…STORMY.

You know…the same Stormy that is going to be 7 in February.

This swing has been through Stormy, Connor, and Sage, and numerous day care babies.

It doesn’t work quite right, even with brand new batteries in it. I think the gears or the swing motor are just…tired of working!

But for now…when I am working on the computer during naptime…my sweet boy can swing next to me (as long as I am pushing it lightly with my foot).

c34 That is a picture of Connor in it Smile

IMG_0544 And one of Sage (she had outgrown it a bit don’tcha think?).

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  1. Poor swing...at least it's hanging in there for one last Peterson!!