“Ready for tomorrow. Not ready for tomorrow.” WHAT SHOULD HAVE POSTED WEDNESDAY EARLY AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!

I have cleaned the couch cushions. Restuffed some of the pillows. Cleaned the stove. Bought new drip pans for the stove. Bought headbands for the girls to do their own hair (they asked). Vacuumed. Dusted. Laundry. Cleaned all the bathrooms (except the basement one). Caught up on scrapbooking. EVEN the pregnancy one…up to last weeks photos! Replaced burnt out light bulbs (I had Shayne do one in my bathroom because I couldn’t climb on the counter). Packed my bag. The baby’s bag. Stocked the pantry with breakfast and snack stuff. Cleaned the kitchen. Organized the silverware drawer. Cleaned the hardwood floors. Cleaned the car out. Cleaned car seat. Cleaned off the stack of papers on the desk. Left printed instructions for my SIL and twinkie. Gave myself a facial. Read a ton of books to each kid. And…I’m sure there’s more. I am just too exhausted to remember it all!

What is left for me?

My toenails (as of 2:43PM CST).

Hopefully Paul will be home in an hour or so and I can go get that taken care of.

His list?

Take all the scrapbook supplies down to the basement. Get the extra car seat for Sage down from the top shelf in the garage.

So what am I not ready for tomorrow about?

The emotional part of me. Yeah…the being done having babies part. It’s a bitter-sweet pill to swallow. I really am one of those freaks that loves being pregnant. I don’t mind the not sleeping. I don’t mind the stretch marks. I don’t mind that I have to have a cerclage done each time. Not that I love that, but it is what it is. I am also lucky to be one of those women that doesn’t get morning sickness too terribly. Just nausea. Lucky me! I love all the movement of the baby within. I love that there isn’t anyone else that could’ve carried my babies like me. Yep. That part of tomorrow is going to be rough. It was rough when I had Sage and we were “done” then too. I am beyond grateful that I will have 5 babies.

I will also tell you that I can’t wait to meet this little person inside of me. I can’t wait to see what he looks like. I really, REALLY am hoping he isn’t of giant size.


So I know you already know that this post is a little outdated. I meant to post it Wednesday evening with new photos of me. Or rather the belly. Or…


You are never going to believe what happened after this should have posted on that afternoon. The entire sequence of events coming up right after this commercial break!!


  1. Debbie, you are a fantastic mom and I am so proud of you!

  2. hi,huats sur nemi?1000 desculpas é q eu sou brasileira,e naum me dou muito bem com essa lingua q vcs usam ai!mais final,qual seu nome?e eu gostei muito do seu blog!parabens!.vc fez um ótimo trabalho!