I’m still here…

And so is the big belly.

Let me clarify.

I will probably have the big belly for awhile. The big full of baby belly should only be here a couple more days.

I have been laying low for a couple of days. Which means, I do what I need to do. Or what is making me crazy that it isn’t done. But Paul has been gone a lot lately with work. So in my crazy fear that he will be out of town and I go into labor, I try to rest when I can. Silly I know. But no one ever said that this pregnant woman was rational all the time! HA!

Sleeping. What’s that? I have been up more than asleep lately at night. No particular reason. I am just…up. Not a big deal I guess. Except I don’t do anything except watch tv. I do not want to wake up the other darlings in my house at 2AM. or 4AM. or…etc. You get the idea. I get them up when I have to. They are…kinda grumpy in the mornings. Stormy’s not. She wakes up talking. Imagine that. It takes Shayne a little bit before she is her normal self. The little ornery one, Sage, wakes up when I open her door. She stands up in her crib and does her grabby hands to me. Yes, she is still in her crib. When you have as many kids as I have, you learn that…LEAVE THEM IN THEIR CRIB until you absolutely have to transition to toddler bed. No, seriously. Sage loves her crib. She has her blankets and pillows. She is content.

I betcha thought I forgot one of my kids in that sleeping rant. Nope. Connor is most unpleasant in the morning. Or at least he used to be. Now, he comes downstairs and doesn’t cry or yell about anything. I do like to let him get up on his own. It makes a big difference.

Not that I am a bowl of sunshine and roses in the morning everyday. I do try to start out in a great mood. What’s not to be happy about? Besides the fact that I slept a total of 5 hours or less. Oh…that can make someone cranky?!? Thank God. I thought it was just me.

I know you are wondering if I have accomplished everything on my list. More importantly the scrapbooking I was determined to catch up on.


So have I? Well…after looking back on my computer for some dates for some of my pages, I found a lot of photos that weren’t in my print stack for whatever reason. I decided to just digi-scrap those. But as for the ones that I have printed? I am ecstatic to say that as of this morning…yes. I am caught up on what I have printed! Which means…I have to print some photos for the pregnancy scrapbook but the rest? DONE. Let me say that again. DONE. I wasn’t sure I would actually accomplish that one despite the fact that I really, REALLY wanted it. Persistence pays off. Doing a little here and a little there. And thank God for nap time for the littlest darling. She was my biggest thorn with this project. She thought it was really funny to come and take off with my stuff while I was working on it.

So…yes. I have done almost everything that needed to be. I am going to finish up washing the back of the couch cushions today. I did the seats yesterday. I don’t know why. I just felt like it needed to be done.

Oh—and I decided against making my usual call list. I will just take my cell phone to the hospital with me. Duh right? It has everyone’s phone numbers in it. And in alphabetical order too! I think I am getting slap-happy. that was kind of funny to me.

I will get the car seat all cleaned today. I will also type out a play by play for my SIL and twinkie so they know what’s up since they will be helping with the other kiddos while I am at the hospital. Not that they wouldn’t do a fabulous job without it. But they should probably know the times and stuff for school drop off and pick up.

One last thing I really want done?

My toenails. I really can’t see my feet unless I lean to the side. See exhibit A: 014And well…because I just want them done. I even have a gift card that expires in a month so this is perfect timing!


That’s it for this random post of mine. I will post again before I have the baby.


  1. I think you are soooo ready for Cooper to get here...I know we are, because we want to hold him!!

  2. Hope you were able to get your manicure!
    I really had to laugh out loud when I read the part of your post that mentioned the couch cushions because I did that very exact thing in the last phase of nesting with my last pregnancy.
    Good luck, hope things go well!!! :)