Comparison time!

My best friend, Katie, after looking at the last belly shots told me I should pull out some old prego pics and compare. It was a great idea so here it is!

Obviously, the first one is from the other day. The  second one is just a few hours before I delivered Shayne. Hmmm…

I have to say that I am definitely WAY BIGGER with #5 vs. #1

38 weeks 10142010 a shayne3

#5 vs. Baby #2. This one was taken probably a few days before I had Stormy.

Again…I am much bigger with baby #5.

38 weeks 10142010 a stormy3

Baby #5 vs. Baby #3

This one may be close except that I was three days from delivering Connor. And the first is a week away (hopefully) from delivering #5.

38 weeks 10142010 a Connor prego

Baby #5 vs. Baby #4

Same shirt. The difference? I delivered Sage 4 hours after that photo. Yep. We were getting ready to head to the hospital.

38 weeks 10142010 a P9090002

So I have to say that while I don’t feel that much bigger…

I AM HUGE compared to the other kids.


  1. Yes you are huge! ;) Yet, you still look beautiful!!!! Love the pics.....you are one gorgeous pregnant woman!!

    Luv ya,


  2. Katie's right in everything she said. Awesome!!!

  3. I think you look pretty much the same with Connor. Maybe it's a boy thing. Either way, you look GREAT!