A few updates…

Just a random post before I get busy with the last of my list.

1. The baby’s bedding is completely done!! I sewed the bumper attachments yesterday. I will post a picture soon. I am just being lazy and don’t want to climb the stairs to do the photo.

2. I really don’t know if this little baby will make his arrival before our scheduled date or not. I have a Dr. appointment on Thursday morning. But how do I feel about it? If he needs to stay in until the scheduled date…that’s fine with me. Babies are a lot of work when they are “out” versus when they are “in.” I really do love being pregnant and since this is my last hurrah with it…I will love it even more…down to the wire.

3.The kids are on fall break this week. No, I mean really they are. There are a couple of days of parent/teacher conferences. But that’s it. So what all are we doing? Hanging out. Sleeping in. Enjoying the time.

4. My nesting…I cleaned the base trim in the bathrooms. The walls. The bags are packed. I still haven’t finished the “call list.”

5. I have three bug bites that are driving me crazy. One on my arm. One on my ear. One on my cheek that looks like a pimple that just never needs popping—TMI there I guess. But it is my blog after all. I have no idea what bit me. I know all three itch like crazy.

6. I have accomplished almost everything that was on my list. The painting (of course with Paul) is done. The getting the baby stuff is done. Oh-crap. I just remembered I need to clean the car seat for my little guy. Okay, I added it to my list. The biggest thing that hasn’t been done yet though…


I have to work on it today. I promised Stormy she could scrapbook with me. She is so excited she can barely contain herself. I am excited at the thought of being done with my paper/scissor/adhesive way of scrapbooking. I only have 7 months to do. Which sounds bad but it’s not. If I get cracking on it I should be done…today or tomorrow. Yeah…I scrap pretty fast. I like most of my pages simple. It’s amazing how much faster you are when you have the right papers for the right photos. Which fortunately…I do.

006So that’s it for the randomness for now. I will keep you informed if anything else changes!

My blog address will be changing soon. I will let you know as soon as that happens (duh on my part right?)

Oh—the picture? It’s Connor’s hand on Cooper. Connor loves to find the baby. He loves it when he kicks. I just love the picture.

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  1. Love the picture! I bet Connor will be the best big brother ever!!!