He just might leave me after this…

What the heck am I talking about?

Many, MANY posts ago I did a post on something Paul can do better than me. He can do a lot of things better than me. And vice versa. Which is a great thing in a marriage right?

I agree.

Also many posts ago I said I was making the baby’s bedding. It’s almost done. Why?

030 That hubby of mine can sew. I am mediocre at best. I never took any home ec. classes in school. I was busy taking foreign language classes. What a waste of brain at the time. I seriously wish I could remember my foreign language classes. I took two years of Latin --no---not pig Latin. ACTUAL Latin. Two years of French and three of Spanish. Home economic classes would have been much more…helpful at this stage in my life. Foreign languages weren’t hard for me. Well, Latin was. But I do have a few reasons for that.

I digress.

Paul took home ec. classes.

He knows how to sew.

He got a call from someone he works with. Here is how the conversation went:

“Hey Paul. How’s it going? Whatcha doin?”

“I’d rather not say. What’s goin on man?”

And then they started to talk about railroad stuff.

Paul was sewing. Or ironing.

Stormy asked Paul, “What is that?”

She was talking about the iron.

Yeah….something I don’t do. Unless absolutely necessary.

Funny right?

He told me to never tell anyone about this.

And then he walked by me when I was snapping photos of the kids.

So…here is me. Telling everyone what he can do. Not to be mean. I wish I could sew as well as him. I think it’s wonderful. And funny.

A good combination!


  1. Way to go Paul and personally, I think having a man around the house that can do all the stuff he does is pretty amazing!!!

  2. I think I remember Paul being in one of my home ec classes in Jr. high. Mrs. Nave was quite a teacher. I'm sure she would be proud to know you still remember that stuff. It does come in handy.