It’s been one week since…

you looked at me…”

Oh—that song is stuck in my head!!

What I should put is…

IN ONE WEEK we will be meeting our son!

That is…unless he decides to come sooner.

Which I hope he doesn’t. Why?

Because my Dr. isn’t on call until next week. And if he does come sooner, Paul will probably be out of town. I can’t even tell you how completely mad I will be if he misses “it.”

Dr. appointment today went fine. I was running just a tad late (morning traffic and I do not get along). I strolled in with a couple of minutes to spare before my appointment time. I sign in and sit down. The receptionist (a super nice lady, named….DEBBIE!) calls out that Dr. M is running about 20-30 minutes behind but she was back from the delivery. Those darling babies just don’t understand the concept of appointment time do they? HA! I was totally fine with waiting. I know that my deliveries have probably caused others to wait in the past so what’s the rush right? After 35 minutes of waiting, a horribly cranky mom that kept yelling at her 2-year-old at how bad he was, a couple from the middle East that smelled yucky and Redbook later I finally went and asked if I was up soon. Yep. Next.

My blood pressure was 110/62. Weight. Gag me. No seriously. I mean gag me from eating! Okay…not really. But it was up there. Stupid scale. And the nurse (whom is one of the nicest) just smiled and said, “that’s not so bad.” What a good liar she is.

Dr. came and found baby’s heart-beat. He was moving. It was in the 160s. Like it has been. And nope…I haven’t dilated anymore. Effaced is still 50%. We talked about next week. I will be at the hospital around 7AM. She will break my water, get the Pitocin going, I will get my epidural and then…BABY TIME!

How fabulous am I looking today at 38 weeks pregnant?



035 copyThe short answer?


The self-portrait? Yeah…I tried. And then I asked Paul.

There is something about him and my camera that makes almost every photo he takes…out of focus! I guess that’s why I end up always taking the pictures right?

Like this one:



  1. See, everyone, you really can't see your feet!!! I can't wait to see Cooper because I know he will be beautiful (I know boys aren't supposed to be beautiful, but he will be)! And Debbie, I love you, but honey, it's almost painful for me to look at you right now without trying to ease your pain....no kidding...you are so big it looks painful!

  2. I love the pic that you took of yourself! Good luck on the next week. I'll be praying for you and your family!