Another different kind of tradition

When I was pregnant with Shayne, Paul and I went to Build-a-Bear and made her a bear shortly before she was born (as in a couple of weeks). We picked it out. Stuffed it. Put a little heart in it from me and one from Paul. We made a wish for each little heart. Mine was that she would be born healthy. We lovingly named it Shayne Emily. She still has that bear.

Fast forward a couple of years. We did the same thing, only we had Shayne with us. She added her own little heart to it. Her wish? “I hold my baby me?” We lovingly named that bear Stormy Maureen. She still has that bear—we shouldn’t have done white. It is a dirty bear now. But it still has lots of love!

Another year later and Connor’s bear has 4 hearts. Also a lot of wishes.

Sage’s bear has 5 hearts in it. EVEN more wishes.

And the sweet bear we just made the other day for Cooper, has, you guessed it, 6 hearts. Sage was really not pleased that we wouldn’t let her wipe her nose all over it. If you were wondering…yes…that’s a way to make sure no one else touches your stuff when you are 2.

This little bear made it’s way to home. We named it, Cooper Paul.

010 011 013

It has lots of love in it. And in store for it!

All this little bear needs is…

the real, Cooper Paul.


  1. What a neat little tradition. I'll bet this is soemthing that the kids remember when they get older and do it for their own children!