What was “new” or “different” in the last post?

In the last post I did this photo:

003 There are few changes in that photo. I think my mom may have guessed some of them in the comments section.

So what are the changes or new or different things?

1. The walls. I painted the entryway this really pretty mossy green color. Paul had to do the trim (like usual). It turned out perfect. And most importantly…the walls are no longer covered with flat paint. Which means I can wipe them clean from *ahem* dirty little handprints.

2. I am wearing a new shirt. Aha-so funny I know. It really is a new shirt though. It’s sad when you outgrow some of your maternity clothes. Most of my shirts don’t cover the belly anymore. I went and bought a bigger size shirt that would do the job. It does.

3. The biggest change though…

001 Yes. I cut all my hair off. Well, 10 inches anyways. Why? To donate it to Locks of Love.

This is the second time in a year-and-a-half that I have cut my hair to donate. Yes. It does grow that fast. It’s just my hair.

But for someone that has cancer and doesn’t have hair. It isn’t just hair anymore. It’s much, much more.

So how short is my hair now?

I can still pull it up if I need to.

Will I let my hair grow out again?


Will I chop it off again to donate?

Yeah. Probably. It’s a great cause. And it’s only hair to me but (again) for someone else, maybe it’s more.

Where was Sage while I was getting this done?

My friend, Julie was chasing her around Great Clips.  Thank you Julie!

What did my kids think?

They haven’t noticed. Connor just did. He asked why my hair was on the desk in the picture. I told him I cut it. He looked at me, asked for his cup of milk and went back to watching the train show that I turned on for him.

What does Paul think?

Probably nothing good. HA! He really hates it when I cut my hair. He loves it long. Yeah—he’s bald. He doesn’t have much hair maintenance so he has no idea what it’s like trying to deal with long hair and everything else I do. He knows I cut it for a good cause. What’s he gonna do? Complain about it? I think not.

So there are just a few of the changes from the other post.

What do you think?

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