Today. 9.23.2010

This is day number 245 and you're 35 weeks pregnant!
You have 35 days or 5 weeks left, and are 87.5% of the way there.

003Ummm….say what? There are only 35 days until my due date?!? Which means I really only have 28 days if my darling decides to wait until the date we have picked? SAY WHAT?!?!

Wow. Seriously. Time is going so fast. So what all is up with this prego belly of mine?

The baby still gets the hiccups a lot. A LOT. He likes to hit my hip bone. I don’t know why. It doesn’t hurt (most of the time). It’s just odd. He pushes (what I am guessing) is his booty out really far by my belly button. The kids think it’s super funny to see anything they set on my tummy be kicked off from the little baby within. They still talk to him a lot. So do I. Mostly I tell him how much I love him. How much I have enjoyed having him all to myself. And to please not hurt me too badly on the way out. No joke. I really do say that.

My appetite comes and goes right now. I really, REALLY love all the sweet stuff. Imagine that. My inability to sleep is wearing thin though. I am going to have to go back to resting a little more in the afternoons. Sleeping for 4 hours a night and then going all day long is too much for any length of time. So napping will be back in force this week.

I bought some things I needed for the diaper bag. And the crib sheets. And the…etc. I only need a couple of things now. Cool, yes?

As far as the other stuff on my lists…

That will be another post. I feel a nap coming on. {yawn. sigh. yawn.}

There are a few other changes in that picture. Can you tell what all they are?