It’s only 6AM on a Monday and I have been up for…

an hour already.

No particular reason. I just can’t sleep. Which stinks because I couldn’t fall asleep last night either until…the last time I looked at the clock it was 11:46PM.

Maybe because I have a lot of “stuff” to do today.

I just made my list of stuff for the day. Now most of the stuff is minor and not going to take very long. It’s just that it needs to be done. For example:

Gather all the trash and take it out.

Empty and reload the dishwasher (yes I put everything on my list. It feels good to scratch off the details!)

Reconcile my checkbook (something I do every few days believe it or not).

Laundry (this is on my list every day. It’s a constant reminder to me to get it all done. It doesn’t always happen. But it’s always on my list!)

Hang up the mirror in the hallway.




I think you catch the drift. Yes…the list has every detail on it. But that is just for today. I have another list of what is this week or when I need to have something else done…

Again, etc. etc. etc.

This weekend was slightly busy around our house. I will get pictures to post later (no promises but I will add it to my list. HA!) It involved…seeing lots of red.

Oh… because I really do like having posts that have pictures, here is an oldie…but goodie!

Stormy little devilThat picture is almost 5 years old!

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