What all has been going on with nesting craziness

since my post Thursday.

To put it mildly= A LOT!

My nesting craziness is just that crazy. But how far has it taken me?

I am caught up to my scrapbooking through March of 2009. Which isn’t bad because I am only doing up until September 2009. Why? That is when I am going to strictly digital scrapbooking. Whether that is just through Snapfish or if I actually create some digital pages remains to be seen. I really do love scrapbooking. With almost 5 children though, I have to do things a little differently. So…here in a few weeks I may have a ton of scrapbooking stuff for sale (hint hint). Trimmers, a TON of paper, two paper crates, CM bag, and so much more.

What else has nesting done for me?


Motivated me. Kind of. I painted the baby’s room. With the help of my twinkie—THANK YOU SISSY! I can’t climb ladders right now—not because of the weight limit…hardy har—but balance is a thing of the past when you have a basketball throwing it completely front and center.

Nesting has also made Paul…cranky. No—just kidding. He painted the upstairs hallway for me!! YAHOO!!! I still get to do the trim work around the bottom—whatever I can reach is what I told him I would do.  He only has a tiny bit left. I love it. Next up on the painting front is either the front entryway or my bedroom. And after that is the living room. I love it! I love the fresh look. We have lived in our house for 5 years and haven’t painted our main areas. It has been the builder’s grade flat paint. I hate—HATE—flat paint. It doesn’t wipe clean. The kids seem to know this and well, let me just say…it’s been long over-due. I can’t blame all of the painting needs on nesting. It just plain needed done. And I think Paul knows I will get it done with/without his help. So—he just does it. He doesn’t want me climbing on ladders is what he says. I think he just doesn’t want me messing with the paintbrushes. HA!

 009I did go through the shoes in my closet and slightly organize them. And the stash of gift bags I have in there.

Hmmm…What else?

I am going crazy making lists of what I need to do before the baby comes. I am thinking of packing his bag soon. Well—I will have it packed before I have the cerclage removed. I am actually more nervous about him coming sooner because…well…that’s what pregnant women do. Worry.

I wiped the spindles clean (with a few dozen baby wipes).

So—hopefully here in a few days, I will be able to tell you what all is left on my lists. I hope it isn’t too much.

So that’s it for the nesting update.

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  1. Wow! Makes me tired just reading about all that you are doing!