This is day number 238 and you're 34 weeks pregnant!
You have 42 days or 6 weeks left, and are 85.0% of the way there.

005 At my Dr. appt. today weight…fine. BP (112/60) good. Baby’s heart-rate was 165BPM. Seems really high to me for a boy. So obviously it is a myth that boys have lower heart-rates. At least for me that’s what it means! HA!

I asked if I can paint. As long as it is latex paint and in a well-ventilated area—it’s okay! That means I will get where the baby is going to sleep painted. My patience is running out waiting for Paul! Poor guy. I’m afraid nesting is starting to kick in. I organized the bottom of my pantry last night. That’s where I keep the kids’ coloring books and other learning activities. I then decided to just go through all of the pantry. I went through the medicine cabinet. I threw out anything that was expired. Even if only by a month or two. I was a woman possessed I tell you. I also went through Connor’s room and put toys away. I did the same with the living room toys. I am no where being done with everything I want done. The painting is a big part of all of it though. I want to paint where the baby is going to be (eventually). I want my bedroom painted. And the hallway downstairs. And I think the hallway upstairs. And the living room. Sigh. Poor Paul. It may not get done but don’t tell this pregnant-crazy-nesting woman that.

I go back in two weeks for another check-up. The week after that is when I can have my cerclage removed. So…yep. Cooper will be here before we know it!!


  1. Don't know who took this picture, but I like it!! (You are glowing)

  2. I can't believe how long your hair is!

  3. Lookin' good! It's getting sooooo close!