Sage…my darling girl.

Today was Sage’s two-year check-up.

She let the Dr. listen to her heart-beat without screaming.


She let him check her ears without screaming.


She let him look in her mouth without screaming.


She was being totally NON-TWO for a short period of time.


And then.


The nurse came in to do the finger-prick and administer 3 (yes 3) shots.


Holy crap. The kid was mortally wounded by the assault on her.


So she thought.

I am not one of those mom’s that gets too emotional about that stuff. Why? Because I am doing what is best for them (in my opinion…they are my kids after all).

If my kid needs a shot to help save their life—GIVE IT TO THEM. If it helps them in anyway prevent an illness that I cannot? GIVE IT TO THEM.

So why did I go off on that little tangent?

Because I know some Mom’s in the waiting room couldn’t believe that I was holding Sage and smiling and giving her forehead kisses while she was screaming “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She was fine after a little bit. It isn’t so much the pain from the shots that bothers the kids the most. It is the fact that I let it happen to them at all…at least that’s what I think. She totally perked up…as evidenced in the photos above. Her legs are a little sore. But if it helps her little (BIG) life?



Oh---I almost forgot!

Her measurements:

Height: 70%—33 1/2 inches

Weight: 25%—24 1/2 pounds

What does that mean?

My kid is long and skinny.

And more importantly…she’s healthy.

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