A post almost 3 weeks late…

Yep. I meant to talk about this particular day 3 weeks ago. It was a fun outing for our little (or big depending on who you are) family. We went to an indoor fun-play thing. We went because my sister called me and said, “Hey. Why don’t you come up?”  So we said, “Sure!”

I printed off a couple of coupons to save some $$ on the entrance fee. Saved $6 there. Then I also ordered lunch for the kids there using some more good deals. What could have been an expensive little outing wasn’t!

Which was awesome of course. But even better?

The kids had a blast.

Connor found the basketball inflatable “thingy.” That’s where he spent a lot of time!


Sage has a hard time balancing on the inflatable. But she still giggles as she runs.

0821001335 0821001335a

Shayne was carrying Sage up the puffy steps to take her down the slide.

Which they both loved.


Sage wouldn’t look at me. That blonde next to her?

My twinkie!

0821001345 0821001346

I didn’t take any cameras with me. I just used my cell phone!

The last photo? The girls were playing air hockey. It was too funny to watch!

I do have more photos on my phone. I think. But…these sum up how much fun the kids had.

It was a lot.

But it didn’t cost a lot.

It was a win-win situation!

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