Thursday the 9th of September 2010

So yes. Sage’s birthday was Thursday the 9th. It was an off day for us. Paul was gone. Which that isn’t that unusual except…he tries to not miss the kids’ birthdays. They are special days to him too. It just felt off for us. I ran errands with the birthday girl. I wasn’t planning anything major for her dinner. Which is something we always do in this family. We just didn’t this time.

But my sister-in-law, Carrie called me and asked what we were doing. I told her I thought about just ordering a pizza. She offered to stop and get a cake. She wanted to see Sage (of course) on her birthday. It really made my day much brighter.  So…here are a few pics from the little but BIG day.

001 004


010 011

We are going to have an actual party for her on Sunday. I hope Paul doesn’t miss it. I’m not holding my breath though.

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  1. I really hope Paul makes it home for her party. At any rate, she is adorable!!!