So what was today?

Today it was two years ago I gave birth to our 4th child. A sweet, chunky, perfect piece of heaven named Sage Ryanne. I really cannot get over the fact that she is two. I cannot believe how fast time has gone with her. It does that with each child, but her? I really cannot believe she is 2!!! She is full of sass. She is funny in so many ways. She has a temper (like her Daddy). She loves to wear everyone’s shoes. She loves to eat…sweet stuff especially. She loves to play outside. She loves her big sisters like crazy. She loves/tolerates Connor. She screams,“HI BABBBYYYY” to my stomach. She is…

my Sage.

I sing to her a lot still. A little song I made up to a well known tune.

“Where oh where is my Sage Ryanne?

Where oh where can she be?

With her curly blonde hair and her bright blue eyes,

Where oh where can she be?”

She loves it.


So what did we do to celebrate today? Not as much as normal. Paul was out of town. He wasn’t happy about it either. And it felt weird that he wasn’t here. 

I ran errands. Got a few things taken care of. I did do pictures (were you wondering if I would?). My sister-in-law came over as a last minute guest to a pizza dinner here at home. And then it was bath and bedtime. She was acting a little…cranky. Not sure what’s up with that except that her gums are starting to show signs of her two-year molars breaking through.

I know. I know. You just want to see what photos I took. I am not super happy with most of them. A few are cute, but I think we can do better. So I will try again when Daddy is home to make her really smile.




My sweet baby. I can’t believe you are two.  I love you. Big as the moon. Far as the stars. And more. Forever.



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  1. This grandma can't believe our little angel is two either! Love you Sage!!