When I grow up I want to be…

“a Mom.”

That is what one of my children always says when we ask. And we get that same answer every time.

It is no surprise which child it is.

121 122 The best biggest sister of them all. She can almost always make little ones smile. A friend of mine (that I was doing a shoot for her little boy) and I were having a hard time coaxing any smiles out of the baby. Shayne came over and talked to him. His whole face lit up. My friend called Shayne the Baby Whisperer.

Now having said that, she is also grounded for fighting with her other sister last night. So—nope it’s not always fun and games. Shayne’s patience is much better for the little ones.

I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. In a way, I am. Teaching my kids all that I can. Which let me tell you…the pay…not so great. The reward---soooooo worth it!

Oh-I also would love to be a L/D nurse. And a professional photographer on a more full time basis. BUT—I will keep the beyond full-time job I currently have.

It makes my heart happy.


  1. Let's face it, Shayne is the best! Too bad she is grounded though.

  2. That is adorable. Remind her of that when she is a teenager and can't stand her brothers and sisters being around...

  3. I've always told my girls that all I can hope from them is to be Godly wives and mothers! Looks like your girlie has it all figured out!