Fair Fun…

This week is county fair time near us. So we headed out. I was a little nervous because the skies didn’t look like they would hold out much longer before unleashing a storm. But—we went anyways. Paul had just gotten home from a road trip and the timing (aside from the brewing storm) seemed perfect.


(you have been warned!)

The very first thing I always do when going out with all these kids is take a picture of them. JUST IN CASE—something happens and I need to be able to tell someone what my kid is wearing…I just pull out the camera and voila-there they are at the event and it is {obviously} the most recent photo imaginable!

009 Next-we headed to the rides. And ride the kids did. The bigger three kids anyways.

The 4-wheeler ride and the alien ride were very popular. Shayne was too tall for the 4-wheeler ride. My baby is getting too big for the kiddie rides…let me pause for a moment and remember where all the time has gone…Okay…onto the photos.

013 014 017 018

There was this…thing. I wouldn’t call it a ride but it was…something the kids did a few times.

032026 028 

030  029

Next was the roller coaster. I seriously didn’t think Connor would do it. But he did. And he and Shayne even put their hands up on the last go around.

035 036 043

Paul, feeling sorry for our littlest darling, let her out of the stroller. His amusement in the following picture can be explained very simply…


He was asking her if she wanted to ride the “Zipper.” She kept responding with a solid, “NO!!”

It amused him highly.

Next the big girls got to ride the “Tornado,” which Connor was too short for. And two unlucky older girls had to sit with my girls. Nope—not unlucky because of Shayne. Stormy talked to them. THE WHOLE TIME. They looked relieved when the ride was over. I couldn’t help but laugh.  Welcome to my world.

047 049

Paul and Sage again…she was trying to get the crappy camera out of my hands.


Then the helicopter ride (this was supposed to be the first ride but it wasn’t working correctly…scary huh?)

 054 055

Then the kids did this other fun house thing. A few times. Like 4 times to be exact.

Next was the “horsie ride” which really meant…Carousel ride. They each picked which animal to ride on. Paul had to ride with Connor (but we didn’t have to have tickets for him for this ride).


Next was the big slide. That thing where you sit on those potato sacks right? Stormy flew down them. Shayne smiled and had fun. Connor was too short unless…Daddy rode too. So Daddy (being the best Daddy ever) went and bought 3 tickets ( $1 per ticket is ridiculous if you ask me) so he could ride down with Connor.

Made. Connor’s.night.

How was the sky looking at this point? So glad you asked.

070The lightening wasn’t in it…yet.   

The slide was the last ride and we decided to go check out the animals.

What do you think Sage’s reaction was when this animal…


moo’ed right in her face?

Yep. She officially hates livestock. I mean panicky, please God let me survive this, get me out of the stroller and away from here kind of situation.

I thought she would do okay with this animal:


I was wrong. This bird better hope I don’t see it near Thanksgiving. The gobbling it did terrified my sweet baby. TERRIFIED. Even though she knows that turkeys gobble. It’s different to have the real, live, ugly sucker do it right in your face.

I decided it was time to go…to the horse barn. Surely my kids would be excited over this. And they were. Most of them.

089 093 095 096

Do you see Sage’s panicked face?

The biggest horse I have ever seen was just across the way. Gus was his name. He was quiet. He was minding his own business. But Sage was still…scared of the “what ifs.”

After this it was really time to go. I was tired and getting really sore from all the walking.

Thank God we bought the $20 per wristbands for the kids. It would have cost us $100 in tickets (or more) for how many times they rode the same rides. They had a blast. Except for Sage. And the animals scaring the crap out of her.

Next year, Sage will get to do some of the rides. But I don’t think she will want to go near the animals.

Until next year fair!


  1. Perhaps next year Sage will have a better time. Looks like the other kids had a blast!

  2. Awesome pics! I can't wait until our fair next week!