Update post

WARNING: There are no photos in this post.

Not a one.

I know.


I haven’t been taking too many photos lately. I have been busy obsessing over all the stuff I need to get done. Before Cooper gets here. Before I run out of steam (which happens about the same time every day…right after I wake up!). Before summer vacation ends and the sleeping in is over.

I did go through tubs and tubs of clothes that have been stored in the basement. You know what I found down there? A ton of girl stuff. A teeny tub of boy stuff. What I did manage to save of Connor’s is stained. He was my reflux baby. Which means that his clothes are grody. There is no amount of cleaner that would get out the breast milk and then formula stains. Trust me. I did save a few things that should work for the next little boy. But Connor’s birthday is in July. This guy is coming towards the end of October. TOTALLY DIFFERENT SEASONS.

So will I need all cool summer clothes for size 0-3 and newborn? Or will I need fall stuff in those sizes?

If I have to go by how the weather is now, this baby will get to run around in diapers only. It is so stinking hot in the Midwest right now. Today’s high is 100. But with the heat index it feels like 110. Me and the A/C are on excellent terms right now. I have my own space heater kicking me and hiccupping like crazy and the air is a life-saver.

Did I ever tell you the results of my glucose test? I flunked the first test. The one hour glucose test anyways. Then I had to go back in for a three-hour test. Yep—three glorious hours of being poked for blood every hour on the hour. Which really means 4 times. First draw (baseline) then 3 more times. My arms have finally healed from all of that. And even better? I passed that test. Thank God.

Sage has been talking to the baby a lot lately. Mostly she comes up and says “Hi babeeeeeee.” I think she thinks the baby is my belly button. Or maybe that is the speaker access to the baby. In any case, it is sweet. Connor likes to talk about his baby “brudder” a lot. He is almost giddy about the baby. Shayne is Shayne. She just wants to hold him. But, “not change his diaper because he’s a boy and will pee in her face.” Smart girl. Stormy…is hard to tell. She is excited about the baby. But mostly she talks about coming to see us in the hospital when he comes.

The kids start school this week. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so excited to be back to “normal.” The kids are excited about their new school supplies and have organized them no less than 4 times. Shayne is nervous because she is going to have a male teacher. To tell you the truth…so am I. Not because I worry about the male part of it. I worry about the Shayne part of it. She is so shy at school. She hates asking for help…so she doesn’t. It took a lot of convincing last year to get her to speak up in class….and that was with a female teacher. So we will see how she does. She is also so upset that her best friend and her are not in the same class.

Stormy is so excited about getting to go to school all day. She gets to eat lunch there. She gets to play. She gets to stay as long as Shayne. This is a huge deal for her. She told me that her teacher is mean to her. I asked her why. She said because the teacher yells if you talk too much. Only.Stormy.

Connor…oh my sweet boy. I worry about him. Maybe he will surprise me and jump leaps and bounds this year. He is a young…YOUNG kindergartner. I just want him to be a good boy and try his best. And to be interested in school. Otherwise…forget it. If he doesn’t want to do it…he won’t. I hope he enjoys it.

Sage…it will be just me and her while the kids are at school. I am excited for that. BUT, it is during nap time since Connor is going to afternoon kindergarten. Still…it will be nice to have that time together…until the end of October anyways.

Paul has been working like a crazy person. That’s what he does.

And me….

all of the above and then some.

I think that’s it for the update post with no photos. How sad. I will try to do better.

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  1. I miss the pictures, but am glad you and the kiddos are ready for school! Just remember that whether you're ready or not, Cooper will be here in the Fall and honestly, I can't wait to hold him!!