Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda…

See this?

034 Why is there a naked car seat in the house?

Two reasons.



Two: Because we went to the pool. The problem is that I didn’t leave her diaper on her for the 2 minute car ride to the pool. I had her in her swim suit. Swim diapers (if you didn’t know) do not hold anything in. Except for the really gross stuff. TMI—I know. But on the chance that you didn’t know that, I have saved you. You are so very welcome.

Paul asked if I was sure she would be fine in just her swimsuit. I said yes.

I was wrong.

She was wet when we got to the pool. Paul didn’t think it was as funny as I did. That’s because he had to get her out of the car seat. At least it was just wet. Not dirty.

I could have left her in a diaper. I would have left her in her diaper if we weren’t heading to the pool. I should have left her in her diaper.

At least washing her car seat is something else I can scratch off of my list!


  1. Just getting back on your comment. thanks! the multicolored throw is actually from Kmart

  2. I just love those little faces Sage makes!