How does your garden grow?

Waaayyyy back at the end of spring I said I was going to do a garden. And I did. Most of my seedlings died. What a waste of money and energy. I did buy three tomato plants and one cantaloupe plant just to see what would happen.

Holy. Moly.

Have you ever seen a cantaloupe plant actually take off?

What about tomato plants that could be classified as small trees?

037This picture doesn’t do them justice. But trust me. The vine thing growing all over the place? That is what a cantaloupe plant does. This one has at least 10 melons.

My tomato plants. I could live off of tomatoes. The homegrown version that is. This is also something I have passed down to my children. The roma tomato plant has been the biggest source of snack around here. The kids look for a ripe one and then…munch away (much to their father’s disgust). Sage included. I love all kinds but my favorite of this batch of tomato plants? The yellow, low-acid plant. Those tomatoes are so juicy!

Amazingly enough the bunnies have only stolen a few tomatoes. That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

Soon enough these plants will be done for their season. Paul and I already have better plans for next year’s garden. No—it’s not easy. But there is something to be proud of when you finally don’t kill every plant in your garden and you have fruits and vegetables to show for it!


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