Why my kids have been freaking out over bugs…

001This is a dragonfly I found in the garage. It had already died if you were wondering. This thing was huge! Since when are dragonflies so big they can pick up small children and fly away with them?

Anyways…my kids have been telling me how big the bugs are. Not that I didn’t believe them…well…I didn’t. BUT I should have.

It will not come as any surprise to you, if you have been reading my blog for a little while, that I am not a bug-loving, nature kind of girl.

So it didn’t bother me one bit to see that dragonfly already dead. I did tell the kids about it. Morbid curiosity made them look. But Daddy had already swept it out. 

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  1. That explains the upsets today at the park when they saw the dragonfly in your vehicle!