Pretty sure…of my baby’s name.

This sweet little boy I carry is going to be named Cooper. Why? Because Paul really wants that name. He loves it. Actually what he loves more than Cooper is the nickname of “Coop.”

Why I have been unsure of this name?

Because of the nicknames that come along with it. One person in my family almost ruined it completely. She told me that I gave her son a bad nickname—Crapper. In my defense—he earned it. I didn’t start out calling him that. It could have been “Dirty Harry” like others thought was so funny for him. Not me. I waited until I started watching him at a year of age and he pooped non-stop. SERIOUSLY non-stop. He also followed me around crying for many hours a day. So I could’ve called him Crybaby. But his sister loved the movie “Crybaby” and she would have thought it was because of that. It was rough. And it is totally lucky he was so stinking cute. He was always right by me. I would look down and he would look up and smile—a small break from the crying. Anyways—long story short. He pooped like a maniac. I don’t call him Crapper anymore.

But the more I worried about the possible nicknames people could come up with the more stupid it sounded. And Paul (in Paul’s usual fashion) pointed out that it was our baby and we could just tell people to call him by his name. He is our son. Not theirs.

Huh? Say what? You mean he’s ours?!?! And we shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about his name?!?!

Sounds good to me.

So Cooper Paul—we can’t wait to meet you. I hope you don’t scare too easily because…well…never mind. You’ll see.

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you’re on the inside sweet little man. It ends at birth!

P.S. Being 23 (yes 23) weeks pregnant means that I could change my mind at a moment’s notice. I will keep you posted but I am 90% sure of this name.

Oh—and the poll on my blog? Like 65% of the vote went for Cooper. The runner up to Cooper was Caden. Followed by Colin and then Cason. Thank you for your input! (I had a feeling that Cooper would be the winner!)

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