The rest of our holiday happenings…

I spent the morning sewing. Yes, sewing. Not that I am that good at it. I personally hold my mother responsible. Why? Because instead of taking home classes in high-school I took foreign languages. And I have to tell you, at this point, I haven’t used the two years of Latin I took. Or the two years of French. And the three years of Spanish I took? I remember bits and pieces. Now—had I taken sewing…I could have saved a fortune in clothing for my girls because holy moly. Some of the patterns and materials are so stinking cute.

Now having said all that what was I sewing? The baby’s quilt. Actually, it’s his bedding set. I coudln’t find one I loved or had to have for him so I decided to get the material and make it myself. This particular beauty of a project of mine will make it’s debut on my blog in the near future. And Kerrie-I so wish you lived closer. I have seen your sewing projects. You could A) Teach me how it’s done or B) sew it for my little guy :).

So what else did we do?

Had friends over for pizza. And then headed to a fireworks display or two.

First we headed to the high school in town where we live. They were supposed to shoot around 9. At 8:20, the sky lit up with the show. They started early because of all the rain.

And what did my darlings think of it?

The bigger two loved it. The younger two, did NOT.


IMG_6561 IMG_6566  IMG_6567 IMG_6571

Can you see Connor in the last picture? He was hunkered down on the floorboards in a fetal position screaming that he wanted to go home. He HATES fireworks. And Sage? Didn’t much care for them. She didn’t scream the whole time but she was scared. Stormy cozied up with our friends in the back of their truck.

Since this display ended so early we all decided to head to a near-by town for their display.

At 9:15ish I decided to head home. The rain was coming down hard. I was sure there wasn’t going to be a display.

I was wrong. That’s okay. I don’t think Connor could’ve handled anymore fireworks for the evening.

 IMG_6572  IMG_6575 IMG_6576

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.


  1. Poor little ones! Looked like Shayne and Stormy were having a good time!

  2. I'm sure whatever you sew will be fantastic! Remember, it's always made with love! (And now I'm dying to see the fabric because I'm just a nerd like that!)

    Happy 4th!