The party…the fun…the presents…the rain?

After watching the weather all week, I knew it was going to probably rain on Connor’s birthday party. Which wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen. Oh—unless this party is supposed to be water balloons and outside fun. Which this party was. I was busy running around on Saturday, getting the food, cleaning the house (which Paul and my nieces did more of than me), and so on. Party day “stuff.” Never mind everyone was recovering from the night before (that will be another post).


So the party is supposed to start at 5PM. And it started raining at 4:30PM. I was in the kitchen getting food ready and cursing under my breath. I was in a bad mood because of the rain. I was worried that no one would come. And it was my kid’s birthday party.

I should have known better. I have the best friends and family there are. Even in the downpour, there they were. We started the way I start all parties…with food, of course! I did simple sandwiches for this party. So good…I think. I got to eat about 3 bites of mine. I was busy…making sure others had what they needed. That’s the hostess’ life of a party right?

It was still raining. So after food I decided to head straight to presents. Which Connor did not object to. Transformers, coloring books, snow boots (that were Bumblebee ones), and remote control Mater. My boy was in heaven!


Since it was still raining, although lightly now, we sailed into the cake phase of the party.


And then…it stopped raining. WHAT? Really?


The kids headed outside and jumped into the little pool I had set up. And chased each other with the few remaining water balloons. And shot each other with the water guns/party favors. AND I didn’t have the camera out anymore. Boo to that, but it was still fun to watch and talk with everyone during this time!

It was wonderful!

   040A huge, HUGE, HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to everyone for coming and celebrating our boy turning 5!

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  1. Look on the bright side...if it hadn't been raining, all the kiddos would have had the fun water stuff first because of the heat, then they would have come into the house for food! See, God did smile on you!! Love the shots!!